Artist Walk 03: Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans

06.11.2007, Salı / Tuesday
11:00 - 16:00 arası / 11 am to 4 pm
PiST/// - Florya, Atatürk Deniz Köşkü
PiST/// - Florya, Atatürk Marine Pavilion

PiST’in Artist Information projesine pararlel olarak gerçekleştirilen bu sanatçı yürüyüşü Katleen Vermeer ve Ronny Heiremans’ın A.I.R extention #10 işleri üzerine yapılacak. Yürüyüş onlara neyin ilham verdiği hakkında kısa bir seminerle, PiST’te başlayacak.

A.I.R Projesi hakkında daha fazla bilgiiçin lütfen www.in-residence.be adresini ziyaret edin.

(Bu yürüyüşün katılımcı sayısı 16 ile sınırlandırılmıştır. Ltfen katılımınızı bize önceden bildirin. Florya’ya(‘dan) tüm toplu ulaşım ücretleri ve Florya Atatürk Köşkü’ne giriş ücreti olan 2 YTL katılımcılar tarafından ödenecektir.)

This artist walk parallel to PiST's Artist Information project will be on Katleen Vermeir’s and Ronny Heiremans’ work A.I.R extension #10 (Pavilion). They will start the walk with a brief lecture at PiST that will elaborate on what inspired them to make the work, which was presented during the course of this year’s Istanbul Biennial (in the AKM building on Taksim till November 4th).

In their ongoing A.I.R project both artists examine architecture as a significant ideological gesture. These projects take as point of departure the artists’ postindustrial space in Brussels, in which they live and work. They have been developing A.I.R as a series of mediated extensions of their private habitat, appropriating different formats and engaging in diverse collaborations. In this sense their ‘pavilion’ at AKM functions as an annex of their home and as a reference to pavilions in the art context and at world fairs where a country is represented in a condensed form. The artists consider their domestic space as an ‘exhibition’ space, albeit a representation of it. This was how they came about to consider using visuals of the Ataturk Marine Pavilion in Florya (a modernist summer residence of Atatürk, built by Seyfi Arkan in 1935), which functioned at the time as a space to exhibit Turkey’s progressive modernity. Both spaces (the Brussels loft and the Florya pavilion) are juxtaposed in the video-installation, and become mirroring clusters of meaning, in which the open floor-plan, the so-called lack of hierarchy and the use of transparency are essential. The artists will guide us to the extraordinary Marine Pavilion in Florya with Le Corbusier’s ‘Voyage d’Orient’ (1910-1911) in their pocket…

For more information on the A.I.R project please visit www.in-residence.be

(The group to attend this walk is limited by 16 people. Please let us know in advance on your participation. All public transportation costs to/from Florya and 2 YTL entrance fee to the Florya, Atatürk Marine Pavilion should be paid individually by the attendants.)

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